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The opportunities and challenges facing the wealth, life and pensions industry


A New Wealth, Life & Pensions Report From An Industry Expert

This new report from EQ gives a comprehensive view of the current landscape for the wealth, life and pension industry. Download the report and gain unique insights on:

  • The key drivers that have accelerated the need for digital transformation of the industry
  • How consumer expectations have changed in recent years and what the industry needs to do to react

  • How digital transformation can be the key to unlocking growth




New Report Highlights Opportunities And Challenges For The Wealth, Life And Pensions Industry

The report delivers key examples of why providers need to evolve their technology and their business models to stay relevant.

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Improving Customer Outcomes

Keeping pace with client needs and improving customer satisfaction are becoming the driving forces for change for many financial services providers.

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Digital Transformation Is Key

Adapting business models, and removal of legacy technology is essential to meet the needs of the market in the 21st century.

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Keeping An Eye On Big Tech

Big tech businesses have shown interest in the financial market, and there are no incumbents who can compete with the strength and depth of their distribution not only to individual consumers but increasingly small businesses, too.

Make Meaningful Change

  EQ provides specialist Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Third-Party Administration (TPA) solutions to providers and distributors of products in the Wealth, Life and Pensions market.