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Embracing Complaints

& Building Trust

Complaint Management Software for the Public Sector

Complaints matter. Equipping public sector organisations with the tools to deal with them is a vital part in enhancing engagement with citizens, helping to provide a voice, as well as helping organisations understand pain points, leading to business improvement.

Through effective complaint management, local and central government organisations can save time, money, improve their reputation and build trust with its citizens.

Want To Find Out More?


Read The Public Sector Complaint Management Guide 2021

In The Public Sector Complaint Management Guide we provide a comprehensive overview of why it’s essential that citizens are given a voice, and why by listening to these voices organisations stand to gain more than ticking compliance boxes.

Our Solutions

Our software provides users with a smooth, easy to use online experience, helping public sector bodies engage with its citizens directly, clearly and effectively.

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Reduce Case Resolution Time

Maximise efficiency and reduce the time taken from creation to resolution by utilising automation software, helping move the process along without the need for human input.

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Root Cause Analysis

Analyse complaints with powerful reporting capabilities, spot trends and take preventative action helping to improve service.

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Empower Case Workers

Develop and utilise knowledge base archives, supporting case workers to deliver a high level of customer service.

Who We Work With

We work in partnership with local and central government organisations.

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How To Buy

We’re part of a number of procurement frameworks, helping organisations through the buying process.

  • Crown Commercial Services (EQ is an approved supplier on the UK’s Digital Marketplace)
  • G-Cloud 12 (find out more here )
  • Digital Outcomes & Specialists

Understand how local and central government bodies, and other public sector organisations can enhance citizen engagement through effective complaint management.